About Our Mounts

Need a mount with your service? We offer mounts for $80. To add a mount(s) to your service you can either mention so in the appointment notes or simply wait until the day your technician arrives (Our technicians are always equipped with mounts). Our mounts are sturdy, versatile, full motion mounts. Despite our mount’s ability to pull out from the wall, they also push very close to the wall. We offer only one type of mount because of it’s versatility and superior quality. A few benefits of choosing our mount over alternatives:

  • Can pull out from the wall 15 inches
  • Can look up, down, left, and right
  • Easy to access back of TV for adjusting cables
  • Sits very close to the wall when pushed back (2 1/2 inches between wall and back of TV).
  • Supports up to 86″ TVs or 120lbs 
  • Wide in the back (24″) so we can always securely mount to two studs while not having to compromise on the desired lateral positioning of the TV.
  • Our mounts often beat the price and quality of what customers purchase in advance
  • Because of our experience with our mounts, service is often very fast