A Complete Guide To Tv Mounting

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We know the important role your TV plays in your home. Without regard to what you use your TV for – whether it’s entertaining your children through cartoons, entertaining guests, exercising or watching your favorite TV shows and films – it’s an important entertainment piece within your household.

The majority of you reading this likely have a sleek, modern flat-screen TV. Are you really close to mounting your TV?

Woefully, for many of us, the answer is still no. The hurdles are there: you’re not able to mount your TV yourself, you’re postponing it for months and months, or you are simply unaware of the process of TV mounting. Even though flat displays were designed to be mounted, many TV watchers frequently overlook this.

Here, let us inform you of a complete guide to TV mounting that looks flawless up on the wall, with a wealth of knowledge regarding everything you need for this. So, there is no need to look for any other blog post than this.

Common Mistakes You May Commit When TV Mounting

It should come as no surprise that many people make errors when trying to mount their TVs. Until you’re very handy and well informed about the TV mounting procedure, you may make the following mistakes:

Now, you should know what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what you should NOT do.

Select the appropriate TV size

Once you decide to begin installing a TV, the first dilemma you’ll face is choosing the appropriate TV size. Choosing the ideal TV size that would look best in your entertainment area can be challenging.

You don’t want anything too big and bulky for your area, but if you frequently use your TV to entertain visitors, it should be large enough to be seen from a distance.

As a general rule of thumb, choose the optimal location first, before determining the ideal TV size. By doing this, you can be sure that your TV will look great and fit well in the location you choose.

Select Best Location to Mount your TV

As mentioned above, deciding on the optimal location in your entertainment room is another tough task while mounting your TV. So, take enough time to consider it completely.

Weight out all the possible decisions, and also make a draft in your mind of what type of surface would look nice behind your TV. Multiple factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a TV mounting near me place and TV height.

What you choose for TV mounting, whether on a brick wall, over the fireplace areas, on a colorful background, or simply on a gray or white wall, are entirely dependent on your personal preference and the materials you already have. It would be best to work with “what you’ve got,” so adjust your TV to the existing entertainment space.

For mounting your TV, you need to decide on a wall that you would like to use for TV-watching space. If your room has drywall, use drywall; if it has brick walls, use brick.

Ideally, you should mount your TV in the center of the wall that gives natural look and is accessible to all viewers. This will also free you from distraction, so you can easily focus on TV.

The next thing, after selecting the wall, is to consider the height of the TV mount. You want to view your TV from a comfortable angle. If you mount it wrong, neck pain will be the first result.

So, make sure your TV can easily be focused from every position in your room.

TV Mounting on Drywall

The most popular choice for mounting a TV is drywall. Perhaps it is most common and easy to get access to material found within people’s homes. It is also easier to mount it on drywall than on brick or concrete.

The visual appeal of the mounted TV is one of the benefits of selecting drywall for TV mounting Austin. Generally, flat screens tend to be mounted. There are also various safety benefits:

  • It keeps your children away from sharp corners.
  • You will save more space as compared to a conventional TV.
  • Reduction of physical strain on the neck and back.
  • It is easily viewable from every corner of the room if you place it at the center of the wall.

Mounting a TV on a Brick Wall

Another great option for mounting your TV along the drywall is using brick walls. Exposed bricks give a very beautiful, lovely, and rustic look, so place your TV on it and enjoy the eye-catching view. Mounting your TV to a brick wall gives a stunning view, but it is a complex procedure to apply. It would be wise to take some advice and get some help from professionals who are adept at installation procedures.

TV Mounting on the Fireplace

A fireplace is something to take into consideration while TV mounting in Austin. Whether you have a brick fireplace or another type of fireplace, it could be wonderful for mounting your TV. One fact that you have to keep in mind, a high level of heat can cause problems. Therefore, you should place your TV high enough but not too high that it causes neck pain while watching it.

Watching your favorite shows simultaneously with luxury, while lighting up a fire at home above the fireplace, is amusing.

TV in the bedroom

There is a fair amount of debate on whether or not you should have a TV in your bedroom. Some are in favor, while others think it is an unhealthy habit or that it can affect your quality of sleep. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about this dilemma, but according to a recent study, 99% of American houses have a TV in their bedroom, while two-thirds also have a TV in their master bedrooms. Moreover, those who don’t have a television in their bedroom go to sleep with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone in hand regularly.

To save space in your bedroom for mirrors, photos, or posters, try to mount your TV in the corner of your bedroom. But adjust at an optimal angle that won’t hurt your neck. The other cool place for mounting is with shelves. Decorative pieces and books in line with your TV give a luxury look and save a lot of space as well.

Hide your TV’s Wires

If you have children or pets, you must hide the wire either within the walls or externally, accompanied by TV mounting. A TV with hidden wires looks polished and minimal. Honestly, hiding your TV’s wires is a challenging task, especially if you want to hide them internally.

Mounting a TV to metal studs

Many of you are wondering about how to mount TVs on walls with studs or without studs. Shortly, TV mounting on the metal studs is a tricky and delicate process. For this, you will need a drill, a wooden panel, and metal studs.

You must be sure that you’re going to secure a heavy object to the wall, so keep the proper equipment on hand and use durable materials. Mounting a TV without metal studs is also possible as long as you know the proper procedure and have the tools with you.